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We can also reffer it as a public meeting for open discussion or message board, is a system in the form of a discussion site.

The main benefit of communication is that you can join and read forums at any time suitable to you, reading with messages already posted. You can reply at once, or go away and think about your answer before coming back to reply; or indeed, as in a real discussion, you can simply listen without contributing at all. They are archived, so you can print a particularly interesting or relevant discussion. There is no face-to-face interaction in BBS. You can create topics called "threads" and can then post comments, media, and information under the thread and in response to other users.

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Indiabook Forum is very popular indian forum providing India Export, Import & Trade, Indian Real Estate Talk, Computers & Internet Talk, Education, Jobs & Immigration, Entertainment, Politics & Current Affairs, Indian Society & Culture, India Travel & Tourism, India Health & Fitness and Indian Sports & Game